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Electro-Static Discharge storage Bins

Summary Strong & Robust LIFETIME GUARANTEE
OfficeSTOR ESD Parts Bin ART30

OfficeSTOR ESD Parts Bin ART25

OfficeSTOR ESD Parts Bin ART20

OfficeSTOR ESD Parts Bin ART50

ESD Parts Bins

OfficeSTOR provide a range of six types ESD parts bins. All specfically designed for transporting or storing sensitive electronic devices or components. All manufactured in Black non pigmented anti static additive.

Bins can be placed directly on to shelves, trolleys and worktops singley or stacked on top of each other.

Bins sizes in mm.

ARTB10  W=106, D=136, H=76

ARTB20  W=106, D=187, H=76

ARTB25  W=140, D=205, H=127

ARTB30  W=140, D=274, H=127

ARTB40  W=210, D=375, H=179

ARTB50  W=280, D=457, H=254


All Bins can be supplied in individually and not in box sizes, FREE 5 day delivery.



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