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Medical Record Storage Systems- 60% better capacity than filing cabinets using Bruynzeel mobile shelving.


Medical Record Mobile Shelving OfficeSTOR

OfficeSTOR and Bruynzeel a winning combination when it comes to medical records storage in Cambridge, Bedford and Peterborough  

Storage of pharmaceuticals, medical records, X-rays, medical collections and hospital supplies

Medicines and drugs should be held safely, but also conveniently, for staff to access whenever required. Bruynzeel has various solutions for in-pharmacy storage.

Patient information is highly confidential and should be securely stored. But when required, it needs to be quickly and easily accessed, so Medical Records should be properly filed and available at all times.

Bruynzeel Healthcare solutions provide secure and yet always accessible storage. We also offer specific storage systems to support the daily routines of the various specialist departments within a hospital, from clinics to laboratories, sterile supplies to general stores, specimen storage to janatorial services.

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