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Office Mobile shelving

50% Capacity Increase in 30% Less Space!

    Existing Filing Cabinets are Replaced with Mobile Shelving     

Office mobile shelving

Mobile shelving can greatly increase the filing capacity when compared to existing filing cabinets and cupboards. It can also release space for other uses, such as more desks.
In this case study OfficeSTOR achieved both!
See before and after photos on left
Clients brief. 
The client was running out of space and needed more space for desks. The capacity had to be the same or ideally increased to accommodate the existing 330 & 270 Lateral V files, folders and boxes. The system had to be of similar height as the existing i.e. no higher than 6 levels of filing.
The system had to be lockable, so at the end of the day it could all locked up and confidential files safe from unauthorized eyes.  It also had to look good as the office was to have two more desks in it and they wanted the staff to be happy with the new layout.  
Officestor was asked to provide a solution. An in depth office site survey and filing audit was carried out and the Bruynzeel Office Mobile System was selected, as it met all the client’s needs.
The Bruynzeel shelving was chosen because it has a 390mm dual purpose shelf that will store all the folders, boxes also carry the 330mm lateral V files to its underside. In addition the system as a separate filing rail that can be attached to accept smaller 270mm files.
The mobile shelving comes with steel or laminate décor panels for a quality finish and key locking is a standard feature. The height of the system was bespoke to 6 rows of filing.
Resulting in 50% increased capacity, using 30% less space. Space for more desk. Happy customer. 
Call Officestor for a free filing audit and survey and see how much your existing storage and space could be improved.



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