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Pallet Racking Systems


456 pallet racking offers cost effective innovative storage solutions that future proofs modern warehousing needs. 

  456  Pallet Racking, offers more bells and whistles over traditional systems.

Pallet Racking in it's traditional form is made up of a 'U' section upright, bracing and beams which is fine but sometimes its nice to find a system that offers added flexibiltiy and is adaptable to other forms of storage solutions. Ideally a system that is more future proof for changing needs in the warehouse. 456 pallet racking offers all the benefits of a traditional system plus much more.

456 pallet racking is unque in that its upright construction is a BOX section. The main benefits of this feature is that beams can be connected on all four faces of the upright, not two as in a traditional system. The benefit of this is feature is:

  • Increasesd  upright strenght
  • Racks can be connected at 90 degrees sharing the same front upright which offers better bracing and space saving ulitization.
  • The BOX section is easier to keep clean and wipe down

 456 pallet racking is unque also beacause its beam construction is more secure. Beams locate to the upright face not twice (one on each end of beam) but 4 times. Beams lock into the upright on the front and inside face, increasing overall rack strenght, reliability and safety (stopping beam rotation).

Beams are adjustable to uprights in 33mm increments, is which superior to the traditional 50mm. Safety clips retain and lock beams in place and are reusable allowing easy adjustment. 

456 Racking can be used for other forms of storage as well as a construction system to make such things as over-rack storage platforms.

  • Mezzanine floors
  • Tube and pipe racks
  • Framed structures  
  • Drive-in racking
  • Drive-thru racking   

There are other nice little features that make using 456 better than other sytems. The beams have an indentation on the top that locates and firmly holds such things as shelf panels, pallet support bars and post pallet support bars.

456 racking is a well thought out and simple pallet racking system and comes with all the added technical accessories you would expect. These include: 

  • Wall ties
  • Row spacers
  • Boltless bracing
  • Security clips for beams
  • Mesh safety backs
  • Column and frame protectors
  • Load distribution plates
  • Heavy duty base plates
  • Label holders
  • 5 types of beam connectors welded and rivetted.
  • Pallet back stops
  • Pallet support bars
  • Post pallet support bars
  • Steel shelf panels
  • Mesh shelf panels
  • Drum cradles
  • Raised pallet support bars.

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