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Summary Good value, Quick to Build and Strong

QUICK'TUBE Economy shelving


QUICK TUBE is easy to build. It is fully adjustable with no nuts and bolts. Lighter duty than Flip tubular shelves but ideal for most light industrail or office uses. All shelves tap in with a rubber hammer.  A good all-rounder for lots of storage applications. No back bracing is needed which means there is no need for back to back racks and one wider single bay can used in its place. For example instead of 2 x 300 deep bays use 1 x 600 bay. Tubular shelves can supplied plain or with hardboard covers.
Aesthetically more pleasing than rivet shelving, the uprights have smooth fronts and will not snag on clothing or goods. Bays are built in a starter and extension bay format, sharing uprights which makes better use of space as opposed to starter bay only systems.
Heights 2m and 2.5m
Depths 300,366,500,600, 700
Lenghts 1000, 1250, 1500
Strenght  71 - 220 kg loading per shelf dependent on shelf size.




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